February 2019

What you need to know when choosing a test tool.

Software testing is a profession. It is a discipline that goes much further than just testing an update or a new functionality. In principle, software testing is about how do you limit risks and errors in software systems? Testing is a continuous process. A good test tool is inevitable within an adult testing process. But how do you make the right choice? In this blog we follow the journey that a test manager has to make in order to come to the choice of a good test tool.


Testen met een test tool

Testing is a priority

Strangely enough, it happens all too often that software testing receives little attention within the management of an organization. This is strange when you consider that issues such as responsibility, safety, quality and cost control are primarily on the shoulders of management. One completely ignores the fact that the tester is the lock on the door.

The result is that testing gets a low rank on the priority list. All too often to the test manager’s frustration. Parallel to this is the lack of a thorough test plan. For clarity’s sake, having a number of test scripts is not the same as having a test plan. A test plan goes much further than that, having test scripts is only part of that.

However, it is understandable that such a situation arises when the organization is insufficiently aware of the importance of a mature testing process. In the most recent version of our ‘Let’s talk about test’ section, it was clearly stated that you are not always as popular as a test manager. After all, the test manager is the person who wants to be part of all and that is not always appreciated. We believe that it is not wise to give the test manager too little room within his organization. Testing is a priority and must be interwoven in all parts of an organization.

How do I convince my boss of a good test tool?

More often we see that the test manager – due to the situation as described above – has to do without a proper test tool. The use of Excel can work to a certain extent in software testing, but entails many risks. As the test process becomes more complex, Excel is no longer sufficient to have grip on and control of the test process. The chance of errors increases. This means that a good test tool must be searched for.

In the first place, the test manager will have to remove some thresholds in the search for a good test tool. After all, management wants to save costs and the IT manager wants to reduce the number of tools. In doing so, they ignore the high degree of efficiency, cost savings and the reduction of errors and risks that a good test tool entails. In short, when the test manager gets his organization to look for a good test tool, the question arises: how does he convince his boss?

Search for a good test tool

The test manager eventually gathered the stakeholders within his organization for a demo of a test tool. But what are you going to pay attention to during a demo and what questions are you going to ask? In fact, with which questions – and the answers given to them – does the test manager succeed in convincing his boss to purchase a test tool? And last but not least, to make a substantial contribution to testing for a higher maturity level?

It is therefore important to be well prepared to enter a demo. One of the most valuable questions that can be asked to the party giving the demo is: What is the vision behind the development of the test tool? In today’s society, a lot is copied. You will find the real added value at parties with a clear vision that can explain a clear ‘why’ to you. Management is always sensitive to vision and strategy, and perhaps more importantly, to continuity. It is precisely this answer that provides the test manager with important ammunition to team up his boss.

White paper ‘Questions you should ask’

Of course, there are more questions to be asked. More good questions will have to be asked to make a good selection of a test tool. We have summarized the questions in the White Paper ‘Questions you should ask’. These questions were put together by a group of experienced test professionals who had the same choice when purchasing a test tool.

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Who we are?

As a leading player in the test tooling market, Testersuite is constantly helping organizations to take the testing process to a higher level. We believe that smarter and better testing of software – and therefore a mature testing process – contributes to reducing risks and errors and therefore happy users. With our SaaS Tester Suite tool we have taken the testing process of many different companies to a higher maturity level. Think of healthcare institutions, housing associations, municipalities, provincial governments, logistics organization, utility companies, etc … Do you want to know more about Testersuite and the experiences of our customers? Do you want to go through different customer cases with us? Request a demo below.

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