Testersuite B.V. provides easy-to-use but nevertheless very powerful test management SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. The tools are developed in close collaboration with our test consultants, based on years of hands on experience in managing thoroughly complex test projects. Testersuite distinguishes itself by healthy pragmatism combined to a well-organized structured test approach. Our test management tools incorporate the same qualities. Testersuite was founded in 2011 to fulfill business needs. Testersuite makes testing easy!

Our vision

One of the major IT-challenges for the coming years is maintaining maximum stability and at the same time maximizing flexibility. Stability is more important than ever, for businesses are ever more depending on their IT-systems. On the other hand, major flexibility is expected, and systems are continually subject to change (continuous delivery). The required flexibility increases the risk of instability.

This apparent contradiction can be solved by a mature test process that aligns with all development methods such as Agile, SaFe, Scrum, ASAP, DevOps and more. Changing your systems continually, creates an absolute need for efficient and effective testing. This way, the risk of destabilizing your systems and compromising continuity of your business is prevented.

Our mission

Our mission is to facilitate your testing process with test tooling that perfectly align with all common methods of software development and implementation. Also, our aim is to optimize the connection to adjoining process such as change management, project management and development.