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Testersuite at a glance

Testersuite Free
For individuals and teams who want to start with testmanagement.
Testersuite Pro
For teams and organizations that want to manage test cycles in a professional manner.
Testersuite Premium
For larger organizations that wish to have additional functionality and support.
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Test cycles (more info)
Products (more info)
Requirements (more info)
Test design (more info)
Test execution (more info)
Defects (more info)
Masterlist (more info)
Reports (more info)
Exploratory Testing App
Rapid Requirements App
Requirements workflow
Defects workflow
Test execution notifications
Risk Based Testing
Move defects
Uploading and editing attachments
Bulk editing
Copying (cloning)
Multi-language interface
Environments within Testersuite
Users and authorizations
Dummy users
Customizing - General settings
Customizing - Custom fields and selectlists
Import functionality
Exporting reports, lists and items
Test automation
Active Directory integration (Single Sign On)
Two-weekly release
Support with configuration and use
Online help documentation
Back-ups (daily)
Hosting & data in the Netherlands
Host It Yourself


"The way Testersuite deals with the wishes of customers is worthy of a compliment. The team has a clear goal with Testersuite. This sometimes results in a ‘no’. But a fair one. We love it if you only make promises that you want to make true"