Testersuite is a very user-friendly test management tool that makes structured and pragmatic testing easy. The entire test process is supported by powerful modules. Testersuite has flexible functions that allow each customer to customize the modules to their own specific needs. Testersuite supports the managing of products and requirements; specification and execution of tests; and registration and monitoring of defects.
Directly from their home screen, users can start their software testing activities. Testersuite makes testing easy!

Test cycles

All testing activities are managed within test cylces. Testersuite can be used for complex test cycles within projects or releases, but is also very suitable for the testing of small changes. If desired, an integration with TOPdesk is available. Test cases and scenario's can be stored and re-used by synchronizing to the Testersuite Masterlist. With a sub-set of the Masterlist, new test cycles can be started. Using the Masterlist, re-usage of testware is guaranteed!


In the requirements module you can easily register your requirements, assign them to developers and monitor the progress. You create so-called test products (systems and/or processes) and describe the operation of these products in the form of requirements. To manage these requirements you can register the developer, priority and status. For the testing of the requirements, test cases are created in the test design module.

Test design

Test specification takes place in the module Test design. To test requirements you can create test cases and specify detailed test steps within these test cases. The level of detail is entirely up to you. For the testing of (end-to-end) processes, test cases can be combined to test scenario's. In this way Testersuite allows you to build and easily maintain a test set that is suitable for re-use in multiple test cycles, saving you a lot of time and effort!

Test execution

In the module Test execution, a test manager can copy test cases and test scenarios into so-called test runs. A responsible tester can be assigned to each or all selected tests. Test runs are scheduled and testers are informed by email automatically when it is their turn to execute a test. While excecuting tests, testers submit their results and can register a defect where needed. Managing test execution across multiple projects has never been so easy!


Within each test cycle, defects are registered and managed within the Defect module. Defects can be created directly during the execution of test runs. All context information of the executed test is included in the defect, making it easier to reproduce and resolve the defects. It is also possible to create defects separate from test execution. Status, priority, screen prints and a link to the product or requirement are standard components of a defect. The workflow function in Testersuite, which can be completely customized to your needs, ensures that people involved are automatically informed and triggered when needed. Read more...


The Reports module provides insight in test progress and test coverage in relation to products and requirements in the test cycle. Testersuite provides several standard reports on test design, test execution and defects. Reporting by risk class and by product or requirement provides an overview of the status of the testing process so that necessary steps can be taken immediately. You can export or print the reports so you can easily inform your stakeholders.


Testersuite includes a separate Masterlist module where tests can be stored for future use. In the Masterlist, regression test sets can be created and maintained. After completion of a test cycle, the test products, requirements, test cases and test scenario's can be stored in the Masterlist. From here they can be retrieved and re-used in other test cycles. A convenient search tool helps to easily find and select testcases related to certain processes, systems or requirements. Furthermore, the Masterlist offers you an overview of your processes and/or systems and shows where test cycles are active. This powerful feature for maintenance and re-usage of a regression test set is unique in the market for test management tools!