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February 2015

Testing TOPdesk changes in Testersuite

Testersuite is a Cloud test management application for testing in projects and during IT maintenance. Powerful features support the full testing process. TOPdesk and Testersuite have developed an integration that makes it possible to test TOPdesk changes in Testersuite in a structured manner.


The TOPdesk – Testersuite integration has many advantages, including:

  • Less risks when changing the IT landscape thanks to better testing;
  • Save time and experience less regression problems through reuse of test cases;
  • In IT audits on the change process, it is easy to show which test cases were executed by whom and when and what the results are.

Structured testing in Testersuite

Testersuite includes modules for product & requirements management, design & execution of tests, registration and management of test findings (defects) and reporting on test coverage and test progress.

To test a TOPdesk change, a test project is created in Testersuite. The scope of the test is defined in the form of test products. Test products are the (sub)systems and/or (sub)processes that the TOPdesk change relates to. It is also possible to describe the  functioning of the test products in the form of separate requirements.

Test cases are designed to test the change. In doing so, the aim is to reuse as many test cases from the past. When the test cases are finished, they are assigned to testers and executed.

If there are findings (defects) during the execution of the tests, they can be registered immediately. Through an automated workflow between (business) testers and (external) developers, the resolution and (re)testing of the defects are being managed.

With Testersuite, the test manager of a project can manage the testing from one central location. With the aid of a number of reports, the progress of the tests and test coverage across the various test products and requirements can be monitored.

Reuse of test cases

When a change is applied to an IT application, in addition to checking the change itself, it is checked if unchanged adjoining parts of the application are still working correctly. These so-called regression tests make it possible to reuse test cases that have been created in the past. In practice, this rarely happens and the wheel is invented over and over again. It’s a shame, because test knowledge is not stored within the organization and unnecessary time and money is wasted in designing and specification of test cases.

Testersuite contains a module that easily supports the storage and reuse of test cases. In this Masterlist module, a regression test set is built for future use. This is done by saving the test cases to the Masterlist after completing a test project. When a TOPdesk change is tested in Testersuite, it is possible to retrieve test cases from the Masterlist to the new test project.


To use the TOPdesk – Testersuite integration, you will need both applications. Testersuite is a cloud solution that is implemented within a day. This includes customization based on your testing process and user instructions. The setup of the TOPdesk – Testersuite link can also be realized within one day.

Would you like to know what the TOPdesk – Testersuite integration can bring to your organization? Feel free to contact us!

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