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November 2019

Start now with Testersuite without hassle!

Direct met Testersuite starten met je creditcard

The Testersuite Team has made it even easier for you to start using Testersuite PRO. No hassle with phone calls, contracts and email. Create your own Testersuite PRO environment with your credit card starting at only 80 Euros a month for 5 users. 

Use Testersuite PRO when it suits you?

It can of course happen that you have a temporary project running that also requires testing. Then it is useful if you can make flexible use of a good test tool. With the PRO version, we offer you the option to view each month whether you use our tool. Just use your credit card and start immediately with the PRO version. We renew your subscription every month. Do you want to stop? Then indicate this before the end of the month and we will cancel your subscription. It’s that simple. You can get started right away by clicking on the button above.

Use Testersuite PRO for a longer period

Are you dealing with an ongoing testing process or are you working on a project that runs for more than a year? Even then you can simply start with your credit card. Choose the annual subscription with your registration and immediately benefit from a more favorable rate compared to a monthly subscription. You can get started right away by clicking on the button above.

Try for free?

Do you first want to see what a test management tool can do for you? That is very easy. Click on the button below and choose the FREE version. Without our intervention and without a credit card you will be up and running within 2 minutes with your own test management tool. Feel free to try it, no strings attached.

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