December 2018

Smart workers going for quality time in december

Testersuite oliebollenactie


Ah… you are still there. That’s good. Because Testersuite has a question for you. Since you are still at work (and therefore not yet under the Christmas tree), you probably know the answer to the question below:

Are you that smart worker that goes for quality time in December?

If your answer is yes, then you belong to a select group of workers who know that the working days before, during and after the holidays are qualitatively the best working days.

  • Finally time to read that important article…
  • Finally time to clean up that old files…
  • Finally time to watch the demo of that important software tool…

At Testersuite we are aware of that. That is why we want to award you! Smart workers that will plan a Testersuite demo with us before the 5th of januari will receive a bag of fritters at their office (In The Netherlands).

Testersuite wishes you nice working days and a good take off in 2019, keep up the good work!

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