Successful implementation of software changes requires a delibarate test strategy. In addition, it is important to keep a thourough grip on the entire testing process at all times. With the TOPdesk – Testersuite integration you are able to test your TOPdesk changes in a structured way, and re-use test cases and scenario’s previously used. Read more…

Sogeti test met Testersuite

As the creators of the test methodology TMap, Sogeti has been an authority in the field of testing for many years. Our partnership with Sogeti offers our customers added value. In letting experts manage the testing process and/or test improvements, with use of Testersuite.

TrendIC Citratest

Automated regression testing offers great insight in a short amount of time. By integrating Testersuite to the automated testengine ICTestautomation, Testersuite makes it possible to schedule and run both manual and automated tests.