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February 2020

We are Testersuite, we are The testers!

The other day I got the question from someone why Testersuite is so successful. The answer is pretty simple, we are Testersuite – we are The testers!

Read here the conversation I recently had with an astute test manager.

You are testers

Recently I got the question from someone why Testersuite is so successful. The answer is pretty simple, we are Testersuite – we are the testers! The person who asked me the question looked at me thoughtfully for two seconds. Her response was both spot on and explanatory – of course, you have a background in test consultancy, you are testers. I could not have explained it better to myself.

If you work from your own DNA, you have a very clear goal in mind. In the case of Testersuite, our DNA is about making testing better, smarter and easier, my interlocutor responded. Again she nailed it. Testers who work with Testersuite recognize this in the tool.


The discernment of my conversation partner was remarkable. So the less you know about testing, the greater the chance that you will fall into the trap of the so-called wannabees! What do you mean exactly, I asked her. Well you always have copycats that are driven by money. Or copycats who want to ride along without having a vision of their own. If you as a customer choose such a tool, it can sometimes be expensive. I responded affirmatively to this, unfortunately I do indeed come across this.

Do they switch to a proper tool?

Real testers recognize when a tool is built on testers DNA. Or they’ll find out quickly – she supplemented me. Are there ever testers who switch to Testersuite after a wrong tool choice – she continued. This indeed happens with some regularity. Call it learning on the job. This way you can also build up experience in testing. The Testersuite Team is happy to help these customers. No problem. Ultimately, we want everyone to start testing smarter, better and easier. That is our DNA, it will never go out. It is great that you are sticking to your conviction – my conversation partner responded – that makes me happy as a customer. I’ll talk to you again soon at your customers event – She ended our conversation.

This conversation echoed in my head for a while. Authenticity, originality and purity always prove to be the best recipe for success. Also for test tooling.

The Testersuite evangelist.

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