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August 2019

Round table session Testersuite at Government 360 conference

This year, the Digital Transformation will be central during the Government 360º congress. The digital transformation affects the entire organization, including within the Government. From strategy, data, cloud to the safety of citizens. Collaboration and managing a good test process plays an important role in the digital transformation. Unfortunately, this transformation does not always run smoothly.

This raises the question for us how the test process is managed. What does the test process look like? How mature is the test process? Is the testing process seen as an obligatory formality? During the 360º Government congress, Testersuite and the Municipality of Apeldoorn will address these questions during the round table session: Testing is important but not a goal in itself!

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Testing is important but not a goal in itself

During the round table session of Testersuite at Overheid 360º, the municipality of Apeldoorn will discuss the why, how and what of a professional testing process. This will be based on personal experiences. Insights will be shared that are valuable for other government institutions. Below you will find the questions that we will be discussing together with the Municipality of Apeldoorn:

Why invest your time in professionalizing the test process? This question is reason enough for us to ask numerous counter questions. We certainly have an opinion about this. But how do other government institutions see this?

How could you professionalize the testing process within your organization? The answer to this question does provide a good insight into the maturity level of your test process! Do you dare?

What is needed to implement and guarantee improvements within your organization? Here it becomes really exciting because what percentage of government institutions has ever thought about this?

The municipality of Apeldoorn has answered many of these questions and has taken major steps in the field of testing. Read more about it in our blog “Let’s talk about test ..”.

Free tickets for Government 360º

The Government 360º congress is being held on October 9 in Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The congress offers a program full of inspiration, best practices and masterclasses on digital transformation, divided into the following four sub-themes:

– Information strategy
– Data driven government
– Safe government & society
– IT Outsourcing & Cloud Computing

Free tickets can be ordered via the button below (The congress will be spoken in Dutch)


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* Government 360 ° is organized by Jaarbeurs in collaboration with the Municipality of Utrecht, Native Consulting, VNG Realisatie and Ynformed. The conference is made possible by market parties. Participation is free of charge for employees of municipalities, provinces and central government and public organizations. View the conditions for free participation and the general conditions on the website.

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