November 2018

Successful customer day Testersuite

The somewhat devoted environment with the particularly ambitious name Kontakt der Kontinenten was the stage for the annual Testersuite customer day this year. The assembled Testersuite users received an interesting program. Noteworthy was the presentation about blockchain testing where the attendees were surprised with something new from the past …

Testersuite users in discussion

The kickoff of this informative afternoon was done by Frank Paymans. Testersuite users were taken into account by the updates of the past year. In addition, a look-through was given to updates that are to come with the upcoming releases and the ambitions for 2019 were presented.

At Testersuite it is a good use to listen to the users’ wishes. Within the Testersuite team it is no coincidence that the statement “we want to make fans” is regularly quoted. So during the customer day space was given to Testersuite users to discuss in groups how to get from good to better. This yielded interesting wishes and ideas that will be worked out by the Testersuite team in the coming months.

Testersuite gebruikers discussie

Comeback of the Waterfall Methodology?

During the final presentation of the day, given by Filip Joele about the testing of Blockchain technology, an old acquaintance came around the corner; the Waterfall methodology. This to everyone’s consternation. The for many still inscrutable technology behind blockchain appears, as far as now known, to lend itself well to the waterfall methodology. Very remarkable in a rapidly changing world where everyone talks about scrum and agile. It created a very interesting and entertaining discussion among Testersuite users during the informal afterparty.

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