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July 2019

The 3 new flavors of Testersuite

Testing must be smarter and easier. With this mantra we start at Testersuite every day that we can work on this beautiful product for our fans. Our fan base is growing fast and is enthusiastic. That’s what we do it for! It always gives us new energy to make testing even easier. You can see that in the biweekly release.

Within the Testersuite Team we asked ourselves: “How can we help more organizations to test smarter and easier?” A day of brainstorming in the forrest provided the answer to this question: “Yes it can!”. And see here the results; the three new flavors of Testersuite: Free, Pro and Premium!

Testersuite Free

Testersuite Free gratis test tool

We introduce Testersuite Free for individuals and teams who want to start with test management. Start test projects, invite your team members, design tests, perform test runs and record findings. Use the standard workflow function for managing findings. Follow the progress of your team through the dashboard and make use of the reporting options.

Create your own Testersuite Free environment within 2 minutes and start immediately. Completely free, without restrictions.

Testersuite Professional

Testersuite Pro

For teams and organizations that want to manage test processes professionally. With Testersuite Professional you take the next step in your testing process. Configure Testersuite based on the method of your organization. Import existing Excel test cases into Testersuite. Use the Masterlist to manage your regression tests and use regression tests in multiple test processes. Register and test requirements in Testersuite. Use the handy Exploratory Testing App to allow (business) testers to easily test with them.

Testersuite Professional is very affordable and fully scalable, so also accessible for smaller organizations.

Testersuite Premium

Testersuite Premium

For larger organizations that require additional functionality and support. Are you a real savvy in the field of testing? Are multiple teams or departments involved in testing applications? Then Testersuite Premium offers countless functionalities to test smarter and better. Start with risk-based testing, create different test environments and user groups, implement mass mutations and copy entire test trajectories. Use the standard integrations with, for example, TOPdesk, JIRA or test automation tools or realize your own integrations with our API.

Curious about the possibilities? Contact us or follow our online demo without obligation.

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