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April 2021

Certifications Testersuite renewed again!

Improve the world, start with yourself. As the Dutch number 1 in the field of test management tools, Testersuite has once again been tested by TüV Netherlands. The result is that our ISO and NEN certifications have been extended again.

Logo's Testersuite en ISO 27001 en NEN 7510


As a specialist in test management, we value limiting risks and errors. At the core, that’s what testing is all about. In order to provide our customers with certainty, we have chosen to have the quality and safety of our processes and services tested and certified according to recognized standards. This concerns the ISO 27001 standard and the NEN 7510 standard.

ISO 27001

The ISO27001 standard is based on risk prevention. The basic principle of the certification is that an organization documents which (personal) data it processes and indicates in which information systems they are stored. Based on the findings and the classification of the (personal) data, the company implements policies, procedures and control measures to protect the data. More information about the ISO 27001 standard can be found here.

NEN 7510

The NEN 7510 standard focuses specifically on the healthcare sector in the Netherlands and is based on ISO 27001. The Dutch Standardization Institute has developed this standard for information security within the healthcare sector. This standard contains specific extra points of attention in the field of privacy protection, access to patient data, data exchange and recording actions on the electronic patient record.

Anonymize data

Testersuite always advocates using test data. When production data does end up in the Testersuite application, the customer has the certainty that the production data used is safe in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard and the NEN 7510 standard. In addition, the Testersuite application offers the functionality to anonymize (personal) data.

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