General questions regarding Testersuite:

  • Do I have to install anything when I want to start using Testersuite?
    • No, you don’t have to install anything. Testersuite runs in your browser.
  • Do I need any training to use Testersuite?
    • No, Testersuite is simple in use and has an intuitive interface.
  • Which types of tests can I execute using Testersuite?
    • All types of tests can be executed. For example, FAT, UAT, PAT, etc…
  • What types of software can I test with Testersuite?
    • All kinds of applications and software. Testersuite is not limited to any platform and/or software system.
  • Can others see my data in Testersuite
    • No, every Testersuite customer gets their own environment and database.


Questions regarding Testersuite FREE:

  • Is the FREE-version really free?
    • Yes, Testersuite FREE is free and will remain so.
  • Can I start immediately with Testersuite FREE?
    • Yes, click here and start your first test cycle in 2 minutes.
  • How can I upgrade my FREE-version to a PRO version
    • Click here, select the desired PRO-subscription and follow the instructions.


Questions regarding Testersuite PRO:

  • Is it possible to use Testersuite-PRO with more than 100 users simultaneously?
    • No, to do so you can upgrade to the PREMIUM-version.
  • I have a complex test process. Can you configure Testersuite for me?
    • Yes, we can. Additional costs apply. Please contact us if you would like to do so.
  • Can I integrate the PRO-version with other systems?
    • No, you can upgrade to the PREMIUM-version to do so.


Questions regarding Testersuite PREMIUM:

  • Do you have any questions regarding the PREMIUM-version?