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August 2019

Testtool – fast – easy – free

It has become part of our daily lives;  good useful and free apps that make life easier for us. Think for example of WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail, Google Calendar, Skype etc … In the business world it is no different. There are many examples of this. Reason enough to get acquainted with Testersuite Free, the free test tool.

Testing with spreadsheets

For many testers it is a familiar (shock) image. Complex spreadsheets filled with test scripts, test scenarios and fields to process findings (defects) and associated screen shots. Dull, confusing and not exactly inviting for testers who do not have testing as their primary task. For the test coordinator and test manager who must process all data from the spreadsheets, it is no fun either. We think that could be better, fully fed by the philosophy embedded in our DNA that adult test management should be made simple.

Free test tool Testersuite Free

Testersuite Free is a very user-friendly free test tool with which a streamlined test process is within reach. Test products can be registered and managed easily. The powerful workflow functionality promotes cooperation between administrators, testers and developers. And Testersuite Free can be used for multiple test processes simultaneously. Whether it concerns extensive test processes or minor changes.

Powerful simplicity is one of the principles of Testersuite free. As mentioned earlier, as a test manager or test coordinator you do not want to get caught up in many different spreadsheets. That is why we have made it possible in Testersuite Free to determine which people are allowed access per test process. This can be internal or external persons. It is therefore possible to give an external party such as a supplier access to a test process and to have it tested or to have findings picked up. How simple do you want it to be, central collaboration with one current overview! As a test manager you naturally want to stay informed of your test projects at all times. With the standard reports in Testersuite Free you stay informed of the progress of the test processes.

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Convince your boss

As can be seen from the above, Testersuite Free is an ideal tool to take the first steps towards a mature testing process. Thousands of testers have now experienced this. Because Testersuite Free is a free test tool and a SaaS tool, you can be ‘up and running’ within 2 minutes. You do not have to deal with budget requests, purchasing procedures, implementation procedures, etc … All you have to do is create your own environment by clicking the button below.

Surprise your management with an organized and well-arranged test process. Take them to the next maturity level within the testing process and take the next step to Testersuite Pro or Testersuite Premium.

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