Other organisations
Every organization nowadays depends on IT. But how do you guarantee the quality of your information systems?

Rapidly changing information systems 

Every organization is now an IT company. Whether it concerns educational institutions or housing corporations, if you want to respond quickly to changing situations, you need reliable information systems. This requires regular adaptation of information systems. The smallest software bug can be fatal. A good testing process is therefore extremely important! But how do you do that efficiently? And how do you keep an overview? 

Focus on what needs to be done 

Testersuite helps you to establish a mature testing process. The efficient workflow, the rapid reproduction of regression test sets, the execution of test scenarios ensure that you keep an overview and that you test what needs to be testedTestersuite helps you to save time. 

Go-live or not? 

In Testersuite you will find an up-to-date overview of your test processes and findings 24/7. Does the management want to know whether an application can go live? With Testersuite you can immediately advise if a go live is justified or not. 

Audits and certifications 

With Testersuite you have an overview and control over your testing process. During audits or certification processes, you quickly and simply demonstrate how testing and validation has taken place. 

Testing is easy! 

Testersuite makes testing easy. No complicated spreadsheets and version control. The intuitive interface makes testing easy. Even for non-testers. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us.