Health care
Better healthcare is closely related to the quality of information provision within your care institution.

ICT in healthcare 

Providing care without IT systems is unthinkable these days. When an information system such as the EPD or ECD is down, it can have disastrous consequences. Both for the person in need of care and for the care provider. In addition, you are not waiting for negative publicity in the media. In this case, prevention is better than the cure. 


New updates, hotfixes and releases from your package supplier (s) occur regularly as a result of lawsregulations and process improvement. This increases the risk of errors and entails risks. Periodic “bug fixes” are living proof of this. A patient safety risk is therefore also just lurking. 

Certification, audits and own ambitions 

Testing and validating changes in infrastructure and applications is becoming more and more mandatoryCertification and periodic audits are a prime example of this. Regardless of the care providers’ own ambition to provide high-quality care through reliable information systems and IT infrastructure. 

Testing is a joint responsibility of the entire organization. This includes employees who work with information systems and equipment on a daily basis.  

The question is “how do you organize this as efficiently and effectively as possible?“.

Testersuite is the test platform for healthcare. Whether it concerns HiX, Epic, Nexus, SAP, etc… Because Testersuite has been developed by test professionals and process specialists, Testersuite can be widely used for testing purposesTestersuite helps you to set up and maintain your testing process. Numerous (academic) hospitals now use Testersuite. 

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