Citizens and organizations rely on the digital government. Efficient processes and qualitative information systems are essential in this.

The digital Government must be reliable 

Citizens and organizations want to be helped quickly and properly by the government. This means that the digital government is set to a high standard. Information systems must be reliable and up-to-date. When this is not the case, it leads to annoyance and negative publicity. You would prefer to avoid this. 

Testing and validating changes

The quality of your information systems and IT infrastructure is therefore extremely decisive for a successful relationship with citizens and organizations. Testing and validating the infrastructure, interfaces, software, systems and everything related to it is increasingly becoming mandatory. 

Assurance for audits and more

Safeguarding test procedures and validation of (information) systems is not without obligation. Consider the Dutch guidelines and protocols that are part of the BIO – Baseline Information Security Government. Whereas all administrative layers within the government previously had their own baseline, this has now been merged. There is now more focus on risk management.  

Reason enough to anchor and safeguard the quality of ICT, information management & functional (application) management within the organization. 

Testing is a joint responsibility of the entire organization. This includes employees who work with information systems on a daily basis. The question is “how do you organize this as efficiently and effectively as possible?“.

Testersuite is the test platform for the Government. Whether it concerns applications from Centric or PinkRoccade. Because Testersuite has been developed by test professionals and process specialists, Testersuite can be widely used. Testersuite helps you to set up and maintain your testing process. 

Numerous provinces, municipalities and government related organisations now use Testersuite. Want to know more about the experiences of customers from the public sector? Then contact us.