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July 2014

Majority of SAP companies use Excel for testing

Every spring, the Association of Dutch-speaking SAP Users (VNSG) organizes a user conference to promote the exchange of knowledge among SAP-using companies. Test consultancy firm PTWEE thought this was the right moment to investigate the test maturity of the represented companies. SAP defects in 'little Excel lists' The research results provide an interesting insight of how… Read more

April 2014

Automated regression testing, useful or not?

Whenever software changes require testing, it is advisable to test the adjacent components in addition to the change itself. This will (hopefully) show that the change has no negative effect, also called regression, on the unchanged components. The increase of testing for regression is often a motivation to investigate whether it is useful to automate… Read more

March 2014

Make testing using TMap easier

Many organizations depend greatly on well-functioning software. To avoid that minor changes lead to major disturbances, more time is spent on testing. It is therefore not surprising that a test method like TMap Next is quickly embraced. Unfortunately, the added value of testing according to TMap is accompanied by (even) more administration. And that's exactly where the… Read more

February 2014

(Less) time for test case management

In an implementation project, all eyes are focused on the test phase, after the design and build phase have been completed. The scheduled time for testing is limited, so a lot of the testing's success depends on proper preparation. Unfortunately, during the preparation, too much time is lost in test case management; managing the large amount of test cases and test… Read more

December 2013

Testersuite Event 2013

On Tuesday 3 December, the Testersuite Event 2013 took place at Zuiver in Utrecht, The Netherlands. With over 70 visitors from 45 companies from several branches, inspiring customer stories and many enthusiastic responses afterwards, the first edition of the Testersuite Event has been very successful. Organizations are experiencing an increase of digital pressure. The IT… Read more